Best Place To Rent A Ferrari In Las Vegas

Dream Car Rentals

3049 Las Vegas Blvd., South or 3725 Las Vegas Blvd., South

vegas-dream-car-rentalFerraris, Vipers, Porsches, Hummers, Luxury SUV’s, Jeeps, and some of the finest motorcycles on the road are available for your perfect getaway. Whether it’s an exciting night on the world famous Strip, a quiet afternoon drive in the mountains, or a drive in the country, arrive there in style from Dream Car Rentals. Las Vegas is one of the hottest places to visit in the US, and that’s not just because of the scorching temperatures! From its classy hotels, to extravagant casinos and vivacious nightlife, Las Vegas is a city of nonstop life and action, as well as a place filled with high rollers and big dreamers, so why not splurge for an exotic car rental during your stay? Everyone deserves to look like a million bucks, (regardless of how much they plan to gamble!).



4060 W. Hacienda Ave.,Suite 130
Las Vegas

Players in Vegas don’t drive Ford Taurus’. Once you’ve booked your VIP weekend with a great hotel, chic restaurants and hot nightclubs, drop another dime and get the ride to go with it. Ferrari 360 Spyder, Viper SR-10 Roadster, Mercedes CLK430 Cabriolet Sport convertible, Chrysler Crossfire Coupe, or Shelby Cobra Roadster…that’s what we’re talking about. Bypass the airport rental counters and head straight to Rent-a-Vette to make your choice from a collection of exotic sports cars, luxury convertibles, sporty roadsters, classics and rapper-certified SUVs. Nothing turns heads and stops conversations at the valet stand like the sleek lines of a road rocket that looks like it’s doing 160 when it’s standing still. Step out of your hottie-magnet in front of a club and your chances of closing the deal can’t help but improve. Ask for owner John Teland and tell him you heard it here. Many of his cars are used in music videos and movies, or driven by celebrities and major league athletes. Check out their site at:

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