The Vegas Hot Spots Dictionary

What did he say? Confused about Vegas-speak? Here is the civilians handy Vegas guide so that you don’t miss a thing.

Hosted Entry: Your VIP Host will meet you upon arrival at the venue
-Bypass the general admission line
-All cover charges included
-Your host will give you a short tour of the venue
-Reentry stamps will allow you to leave and return

Hosted Pool Entry: Includes line bypass as a host will meet you at the pool and escort you in. Typically includes cover charge.

Bottle Service: Reserved VIP seating for the evening.  Usually either a table , cabana, or some other sort of seating.
-Setup prior to your arrival
-Includes the selected bottles of liquor
-Includes all mixers (Redbull/Water are extra)
-Service charges, sales tax, LET, and Gratuity are included
-Table includes Private Security Host wait staff

Pub Crawl: A tour of pubs and bars that can include two or more pubs located throughout the city. Transportation usually provided using a party bus.

Cruise: This similar to a pub crawl but is a little more upscale and tends to have nightclubs instead of pubs as part of the tour.

Limo Charter: Usually chartered by the hour including wait time and can take you from anywhere to anywhere without any limitations.

Limo Pick and Drop: Limousine that picks you up at a particular location and drops you off at another location. Usually 30-minutes maximum transfer time.

Party Bus: A party bus is bigger than a van and smaller than a Greyhound bus and is ideal for groups of ten or more up to thirty passengers. Can be used for nightclub cruises and pub crawls.

Pre-fixed Dinner MenuThis is a predefined dinner menu that usually includes three or more menu items. Works well for groups of six or more and reduces time waiting for dinner order.

86`d (eighty-sixed)The act of getting booted from a casino or nightclub, usually for cheating, being disruptive, or just being a chump.

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